24k Gold Whitening Body Oil (Exclusive)

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(Exclusive) Whitening Body Oil

Created For Royalty

For People With Exquisite Taste.

While your skin complexion is being enhanced, amplify your luxurious taste in your home.

For All Types Of Skin.

NOTE: Use Only As Directed.

Avoid Exposure to sunlight from 12:00-3:00 afternoon

Use as little as possible, dry or wet skin.

500 ML – Durable for almost 6Months

Highly Recommended For Fast and Safe Skin Whitening.




24k Gold Whitening Body Oil (Exclusive)

officially available from 07/07/2020

Newly Improved (World Best)

More Skin Friendly + Anti aging

Faster Result



Order Now At 40% Discount before the Official launch date.


2 reviews for 24k Gold Whitening Body Oil (Exclusive)

  1. Francine Smith (Paris, FRANCE)

    Hi skin care Nigeria, just want to take my time to say thank you for Delivering fast and your kind words which uplifted me, my result is gorgeous, thank you sooo much, will get another bottle in some weeks. Ciao

  2. Miracle Isaiah

    This product is a miracle in a jar, I used it for 2 days and you cannot believe it even out my dark elbows 2 days only. I love this will update your Consultant on instagram with my pictures.

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