Egyptian Whitening Potion (Beauty Package)

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Visible Result within 5-7 days,

Package consists of 5 products:

Egyptian Whitening Face Cream

Egyptian Whitening Potion Body Cream

Whitening Body Oil/ Serum

Shower (Bath) Gel

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Only use as directed by our specialist/consultant.

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Egyptian Whitening Potion (Beauty Package)

Visible Result within 5-7 days,

Package consists of 5 products:

Egyptian Whitening Face Cream

Egyptian Whitening Potion Body Cream

Whitening Body Oil/ Serum

Shower (Bath) Gel

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Only use as directed by our specialist/consultant.

28 reviews for Egyptian Whitening Potion (Beauty Package)

  1. Ciara Johnson (Oklahoma – USA)

    My fiance never want to stops staring with his lovely brown eyes, my skin is glowing like the sun. Thanks SkinCareNigeria for this amazing beauty set.

  2. Tsholo Msane (JHB – South Africa)

    I doubted at first, but you proved me wrong as my friend recommended me to your brand, it is truly the best, will recommend to my colleagues. Cheers XOXO

  3. Vivian Howard (Maryland – USA)

    This set changed my life, after somany years of trying somany otherbrands but getting no result. Thanks SkinCareWorldWide

  4. PoshJenny (Lagos – Nigeria)

    Woooow loving my own reflection now more than ever, ❤️Love From California

  5. BellaDeniro (NY – USA)

    This product right here answered my prayers, after birth I needed to bounce back badly, needed my glow again, I am very impressed by the results. Thanks guys keep it up

  6. Lily Joanne (Paris – FRANCE)

    My gosh the perfume smell so lovely, and it makes me feel like Christmas morning – I glow effortlessly no spots.

  7. Goldie Blair

    Oh my God is this really me?
    My elbows and knees are same tone as other parts of my body,. I love my result 💓

  8. Annie Boateng (Sandton, South Africa)

    Best products ever, thank you skincare, thank youfor helping me become better as you promised. You are a life changer.

  9. Mandy Florence SC (FR,Paris)

    How to become your distributor, me and my sisters ordered and it’s one week we all love the result from your product. cheers 😙💕

  10. Mary L. Marcus (California, USA)

    Soo blessed to have found your company, I’m loving my result.

  11. Joy Oluwole (England UK)

    Loving my improvement, i love your products God bless you.

  12. Mary Ann Collins (London – UK)

    Thanks alot skincareworld, my skinis glowing just three days I started applying

  13. Beatrice Tony (Heathrow – UK)

    This is my first time using skin whitening and I was doubting it will work on me. I am very amazed by how fast my dark feet, knees and knuckles are clear, much more better x100times than those fake whitening pills, I also love the fragrance and how soft it makes my skin feel. I am loving myself daily thanks to this amazing product, all my life this is all I have always wanted, clear even bright skin I hate blemishes. I will recommend my family and friends. Thanks alot skincare

  14. Darcy Silva (London – UK)

    Just wanted to take my time to show my sincere appreciation, my result is amazing so far, I had to reduce how much I apply compared from when I began, it is very effective and perfect for my skin I love it 💕

  15. Goodness Onyema (London – UK)

    Looking brand new every morning, my own glow is different, I must admit this is the reason, I started applying a week ago. It must be. I love the result

  16. Marissa F. Meyer (Manchester – UK)

    First I would like to Express my sincere gratitude 💕 thanks guys for the promo, this beauty set is actually worth way much more than the result I have achieved so far, the set is very good on my skin and it keeps me moisturized aswell. Thanks again

  17. Roseline Doris – (Edinburgh – UK)

    You’ve help me meet my 2021 skin goal. I have tried somany but getting darker knuckles until your Consultant gave me assurance and re recommended this set to me, it works like magic ✨🙏 this is a real good thing you did to recommend this set to me. I will sometime feel depressed before because I was very uncomfortable showing off my body and constantly avoided going swimming, now I can , everything is changing around me, I am Soo much more happier than I ever been.

  18. Beatrice Warren J – (London UK)

    Just one week of using your product I already have a review, I’ve spent so much money on products that didn’t work for me, I’m glad I found you guys.

  19. Cindy Lex Daniel – (Ikoyi, Nigeria)

    These days feels like day dreaming, I used to use filters alot and a huge tons of makeup it would take hours to prepare and even more hours editing my photos, It was draining me not being able to goto the beach parties , can’t even remember when I went swimming last it’s been ages. This set brought me back to life no joke. Thank God for you guys your products are the best I give you that thanks again for your help

  20. Tumi George – (South Africa – JHB)

    Finally got what I wanted years after trying alot of brands on my body, my money and time wasted is not the problem but not achieving result. You guys gave me back my shine, my beauty set is still over half and my result is very loud and visible I love every part of my body, even my butt got lighter I am Soo happy

  21. Fatima Yusuf – (FCT – Nigeria)

    I love the feeling on my skin, very smooth and doesn’t cause hear/sweet like others I am familiar with which makes it more unique.
    I love it

  22. Mercy Jackson – (Los Angeles – USA)

    Thank you soooo much for helping me achieve my skin complexion goal, I am very grateful. My sister also needs a set as well. She can’t stop gushing at my new looks. Your products are really really good.

  23. Heather Sanni – (Maitama – Nigeria)

    Hi skincare, your products are very effective, I am very excited trying your brand for the first time, I have stopped mixing use of other brands and fully switched to using all your beauty products and so far it’s been great 👍 I love it on my body as it doesn’t cause sweat aswell. also
    my consultant was really nice wanted to commend her as well, keep up the amazing work

  24. Chika Azubuike Darlington – (Florida – USA)

    I believe in your products before I bought for myself, I saw nice comments and few people I know already spoke good about your products so all these positive things made me give it a trial and I am shocked how I look from the way I was before two months back, I am very very very grateful for this beauty set it has help me regain my skin tone, one thing I learned in all this is to never give up hope that there is no solution out there. I’m blessed to have found yourbeauty brand

  25. Anita Godwin – (Texas – USA)

    I’m proud of you guys you always deliver, since 3 years now since I was in Nigeria I started using your products. I have referred alot of people because of the constant compliments and questions of my skin care routine, I refer to you guys.just wanted to share my admiration.

  26. Adaora Innocent – (Victoria – Australia)

    This set na fire oooo, uwa egi oyibo
    Let my dolls get their own sets on discount – they won’t let me rest Bikonu thanks 🙏😊

  27. Mulan Yakubu – (Brooklyn, NY – USA)

    This product is very good, since I started using it my whole discoloration faded and myskin tone is now even in just 4 weeks, forever your loyal customer

  28. Wendy Theron – (California – USA)

    My beauty set is really lovely ❤️
    First the fragrance gives inner peace, the scrub feels soft on my skin and I just watch it dissolve. After having nice bath the cream is not greasy at all and doesn’t cause unnecessary prickly heat, I love that the lotions smells so nice too – I love everything and I’m very glad I made the right choice

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