About Us

About Us

Skin Care Nigeria is a division of SKIN CARE WORLD WIDE LIMITED.
We are certified manufacturer/distributor/wholesaler of General Beauty Products for Skin enhancement – improvement is 100% guaranteed.

Skin Care Nigeria Beauty Products are natural herbs that gives solution for various skin problems, We Entertain questions & answers to pressing problems of individual skin types and a maximum ending solution for skin problems.

Most black Africans have a specific skin issue that generates from the exposure of sunlight, that makes the skin dark and rough, it can also cause other skin issues like > Roughness of face and body | Premature ageing | Pimples | Sunburn | Skin Discoloration, etc.

At Skin Care Nigeria We provide and ensure maximum satisfaction for all these skin problems because your outlook is our priority.

Skin Care Nigeria (SCN) offers safe products for toning/lightening of the skin and also have treatments for skin problems such as:

(i) Facial Acne
(ii) Keloids
(iii) Body Rashes
(iv) Sun Burn
(v) Skin Discoloration
(vi) Stretch Mark
(vii) Dark Elbow/Knee
(viii) Pimples and many more…

Our aim is to help you become and enjoy a better version of yourself.

…Your outlook – our priority

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